9,200 Dwt Chemical Tanker loading green methanol to pioneer the world’s first ship-to ship bunker of a container vessel at Singapore in 2023
9,400 Dwt dedicated Jet Fuel tanker loading Jet A-1 for Singapore Changi Airport
1,100 Dwt Modern purpose-built bulk lubricant tanker pioneering Diesel Electric Power Management System in a series of 4 such vessels which reduces consumption, exhaust emissions and noise pollution
8,600 Dwt bunkering tanker with state-of-the-art design and high automation enabling reduced manning safely operating for a major supplier
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“Our mission is to provide good value for clients and to be recognised for its safe operations and quality service.”

Incorporated in Singapore in 1981, Hong Lam Marine is one of the most established and leading Owner and Operators of bunker tankers and vessels in Singapore. We pride ourselves in operating to high ethical standards and values and focus on teamwork that have been our cornerstone for over 40 years.

We have always been in the forefront of the industry operating with newer tonnages with advanced technology to provide better services to our customers who are mainly the major oil companies, prominent independent traders, suppliers and government agencies.

Senior Management

Mr. Lim Teck Cheng

Founder and Executive Chairman

Mdm. Caroline Yang

Chief Executive
Legal, HR and Finance

Mr. Choo Eng Hua

Procurement and New Building

Mr. Goon Ghen Cheit

Commercial Relations

Mr. Lim Han

Chartering and Cargo Operations

Mr. Tay Ket An

Executive Director
Operations and Marine Personnel

Mr. Tan Chee Meng

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Nyau Yong Wei

Chartering, Cargo Operations and Marine Personnel


Carriage of Jet Fuel

Marine Fuel Bunkering

Marine Lubricants Supply

Petroleum Products

Chemical Tankers

Asphalt Tankers

Carriage of Jet Fuel

    We have contracted dedicated Jet fuel tankers with leading oil companies to facilitate the efficient transportation of jet fuel from refineries to Singapore’s Changi Airport. Our company stands as a key provider specializing in this vital service.

Marine Fuel Bunkering

    Our company specializes in bunkering services for vessels in Singapore, offering seamless cross-harbour delivery of marine fuels as needed. Our esteemed clientele comprises major oil corporations, shipping companies, and independent bunker suppliers within Singapore’s 30-mile limit. We also operate similarly at Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

    Pioneering innovation is in part of our company’s ethos. In 2005, we made history by operating the first double-hulled bunker tanker in Southeast Asia, surpassing 9,000 DWT. Subsequently, in June 2009, we introduced 2 purpose-built bunker tanker of a remarkable 21,999 DWT, acclaimed as an ‘exceptionally large’ vessel by industry experts and touted as the world’s largest purpose-built bunker tanker at that time. We are also proud to have introduced our fleet of six hybrid diesel-electric bunker tankers of 6,200 DWT, strategically positioned within the bustling Singapore harbour. Other prominent pioneering innovations include the use and promotion of MFMs for bunkering in Singapore in 2011 and the world’s first ship to ship green methanol bunkering to a container ship in the world in 2023.

Marine Lubricants Supply

    We own and manage a fleet comprising three modern 1,100 DWT Marine Lubricants Bulk Supply tankers. These are equipped with a hybrid diesel-electric power management system, optimized for the efficient delivery of marine lubricants within the Singapore port limit. Their advanced technology ensures heightened fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability, resulting in reduced air emissions and noise pollution.

Petroleum Products

    Our fleet of 8 product tankers tonnages range from 11,300 to 14,000 DWT are presently transporting of Clean Petroleum Products mainly for major oil companies in unrestricted voyages which enables our operational footprint to trade across Asia and beyond when required. They all in compliance with stringent international safety standards. As they are also classed as IMO2 tankers, they are capable of carrying chemicals and vegeoils.

Chemical Tankers

    Our 2 Chemical Tankers IMA2 are of 9,000 Dwt with Marineline coating and carry Easy Chemicals. They are in compliance with all the latest maritime regulations and operate mainly in SEAsia on unrestricted voyages.

Asphalt Tanker

    We currently own and operate 1 Japanese built 3,600 DWT Asphalt Tanker operating in SEA.

Contact Us

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Tel : +65 6333 6577

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